About innov8

innov8 Apparel is a modern name in combat sports, branded for its bold, and distinctive look. Drawing inspiration from current jiu jitsu practitioners, innov8 strives to offer a unique collection fit for fighters who value their attire to be of the utmost quality with maximum comfort and affordability.

At innov8, our mission is to positively impact the combat world by optimizing the gear you invest in. We are firm believers that your fight armor impacts your mood, motivation and energy. Whether on or off the mats, innov8's eye-catching, athlete tested collection is sure to bring you the confidence and empowerment you need for a high-level performance.

 About the Founder

innov8 Apparel Founder

Jasmine is a purple belt jiu jitsu practitioner with over 40 tournaments and 4 Pro Fights, she has seen the challenges of being a female in male dominated sports; one of them being the lack of innovative apparel available to women. "I live and run a household with all boys, and nothing about their bjj, wrestling, or judo gear has ever been distinctive. I envisioned a gi line in my head for nearly two years before I decided to finally roll with it and make it happen." Which is exactly what she did. Jasmine sought out to follow through with a dream and create a brand known today as, innov8 Apparel.


For questions or additional information email us at customercare@innov8apparel.com